The national best of ‘real estate branding and design’ award and competition hosted by T3 Sixty (Swanepoel Trends) and MAXA Designs.

3 Winners Selected

Showcasing the most well executed independent brokerage brands in the West Coast, East Coast, and Mid West. Each region will have one brokerage win the  Exhibit Brokerage Brand Award for 2022.

There will be a total of 3 Real Estate Brokerage winners selected, one brokerage from each of these US regions: West Coast, East Coast & MidWest.

Submissions from SEP 9 - OCT 20 2022. Winners to be announced live at the T3 Tech Summit in Newport Beach, CA on Nov 1st, 2022.


Scored (1 to 10) on:

  • Story Telling
  • Visual Identity
  • Digital and Print Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Community Impact & Engagement
  • Innovation Integration
  • Brand Experiences, Events, and Office Space
  • Overall Brand Cohesiveness & Compliance

Story Telling

How does you brokerage communicate its core values, messaging, brand narrative & value proposition?

Visual Identidy

Submit your logo, color palette, typography, imagery, brand guidelines, and additional brand elements that further distinguish the brokerage identity.

Digital & Print Marketing

Show us the strength of your brand marketing, both online & offline, through your Social Media, Email Newsletters, Brochures, Presentations, Signage.

Website Design

We want to see your brand cohesiveness through the online presence of your Brokerage and how your Agents are an extension of your brand.

Brand Experiences, Events, and Office Space

Send pictures of what your real life client experiences & concepts are.

Community Impact & Engagement

Share with us your annual community events and how it relates to your overall brand.

Innovation Integration

Submit technology tools provided to the agents and consumers that represent your evolving brokerage brand.

Brand Cohesiveness & Compliance

Judges will have the final score on overall brand consistency.

Exhibit uncovers and recognizes the emerging work and talent of leadership and marketing teams who are passionate about their brokerage brand and the impact they make on their agents and communities.

This new annual award and event is a meeting point for the real estate industry to be inspired, expand and engage in storytelling and visual communications, and evolve to the next level of brokerage brand success.

- James Wong, CEO & Founder of MAXA

How it works



Award Office Wall Plaque

Award Trophy

Digital Badge For Email Signature + Website

Printed Award Stickers

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On Stage Announcement at T3Summit.com

T3 Tech Market Place & Additional Editorial Publications

Case Study on Your Brokerage Brand



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