Brand Awards

Deadline: August 18th, 2024
Exhibit 2022

Brokerage Brand Award Winners

West Coast Winner

West Coast Winner

West Coast Winner

400+ Brokerages Participated Since 2022

Exhibit 2022

Brokerage Brand Award Winners

West Coast Winner

West Coast Winner

West Coast Winner

The third annual Exhibit Brokerage Brand Awards is our extraordinary commitment to inspire, expand and engage in storytelling and visual communications for the real estate industry and evolve to the next level of brokerage brand success.
-James Wong, CEO & Founder of MAXADesigns.com

We are back with the 2024 Exhibit National Best of Real Estate Branding and Design Awards and Competition presented by T3 Sixty and MAXA Designs.

4 Winners Selected!

We are showcasing the most well executed brokerage brands in the West Coast, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast. Each region will have (5) five finalists and (1) one brokerage win the Exhibit Brokerage Brand Award for 2024.

Submit your real estate brokerage brand from July 18th, 2024 through August 18th, 2024. Winners to be announced live at the T3 Technology Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana on Sep 30th, 2024 in front of hundreds of real estate colleagues.

Timeline of Events

Scoring Process

Scored from (1 to 10):

Story Telling

By leveraging storytelling techniques, brands can create memorable experiences, build trust, and foster a sense of loyalty among their target audience.

Visual Identity

Refers to the collection of visual elements, such as logos, colors, typography, and imagery, that are strategically designed to represent and differentiate a brand. It is the visual representation of a brand's personality, values, and overall identity, providing a cohesive and recognizable visual language for communication with its audience.

Digital and Print Marketing

Digital and print materials play crucial roles in branding. Digital materials encompass online assets such as websites, social media profiles, and digital advertisements, allowing for interactive experiences and wide-reaching engagement. On the other hand, print materials refer to physical items like business cards, brochures, and packaging, providing a tangible and tactile representation of a brand's identity.

Website Design

We want to see your brand cohesiveness through the online presence of your brokerage and how your agents are an extension of your brand.

Community Impact & Engagement

Share with us your annual community events and how it relates to your overall brand.

Innovation Integration

Submit technology tools provided to the agents and consumers that represent your evolving brokerage brand.

Brand Experiences, Events, & Office Space

Send pictures of what your real life client experiences & concepts are.

Overall Brand Cohesiveness & Compliance

Judges will have the final score on overall brand consistency.


Award Trophy

Award Wall Plaque

Digital Badge For Website

On-Stage Announcemnt at T3 Technology Summit

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Our Judges
for 2024

Kyle Walsh

VP of Marketing at Ferry International

Brian Boero

CEO at 1000watt

Craig Cheatham

President and CEO at The Realty Alliance

Joana Koiller

VP of Design Luxury Presence

Effie Atsaves

Vice President of Marketing at Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

Donn Hobbs

Co-Founder of Hobbs & Herdeer and Pioneer of agent marketing trining & Realtor Branding

Tristan Ahumada

Founder of LabCoat Agents& People’s Editor at Success Magazine

James Wong

CEO of Maxa, #1 Marketing Center & Design Studio for Real Estate

Michael Phelan

VP of Brokerage Marketing &
Technology at T3 Sixty Consulting

Julia Leonhardt

Industry Woman of Influence

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West Coast Winner
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